Do you need an SEO Service for your website?

SEO Service & Search Engine Optimization ReportEvery website should have constant SEO monitoring against your competitors by a Search Engine Optimization service.  But if you are not ranked on the first page of the keyword search you want your website to be found for then the answer is that it is “My Search Engine Optimization is not doing very well at all”.

What is not widely understood is that Search Engine Optimization is not a “one-time certification”.  It is an ongoing process to set of adjustments based on a variety of factors.  Search engine algorithms are constantly changing and everyday search engines crawl the Internet and find new websites and are adjusting SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) to reflect updated content, new sites, and shifting dynamics in site linking and popularity.  Find out more information regarding Google Panda & Google Penguin algorithms.

Our monthly Search Engine Optimization service will ensure that your website is kept in compliance with the best White Hat SEO practices.  Using Black Hat SEO techniques will make your website fall in ranking and be “flagged” by search engines as such.  It can take months to years to have your site removed from the list of sites using Black Hat SEO techniques.

You will receive a monthly email with your website’s ranking summary in your inbox.


What about an SEO Report?

Let us generate a one-time Search Engine Optimization report (SEO report) for you which will outline in detail what exactly needs to be changed and why it should be changed to rank higher with search engines.

When armed with this SEO report, you will be able to correct the issues yourself or have Naquadah Studios correct them on your behalf.  Once the changes have been made, we will generate another Search Engine Optimization report to show the updates and how these changes have affected your website compared to the top 10 ranked websites for your keyword(s).


Search Engine Ranking History

Have you wondered how your website has been ranking over time?  Let Naquadah Studios monitor this for you and we will generate a Web Ranking report for you which will be delivered to your inbox at the interval you specify.  We can track your websites ranking based any number of keywords or key phrases and on as many different search engines you would like to be kept informed about.

For example if you have a spa business and would like to have your report based on the 3 key phrases you decided which were “Toronto spa”, “Toronto manicure” and “GTA spa”.  You would also like to be informed about how your website is doing on 4 different search engines which are Google Canada, Google US, Bing Canada and Yahoo! Canada.

We will generate this report for you and email it to you at any interval you would like (weekly, monthly, etc).  You will see exactly how your website ranked during the period.


About Search Engines

Search Engines crawl all of the sites on the internet and index them for searches performed by users on the Internet.  There are 3 major search engines currently:

1. Google

2. Bing

3. Yahoo

According to StatCounter GlobalStats, as of December 2014 Google performed almost 89.41% of all searches performed on the internet worldwide by all devices such as PC’s, tablets, mobile devices, etc.  Yahoo! was second with 4.22% and Bing was third with 3.65 of all Internet searches.