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Thorough Analysis

Naquadah Studios will thoroughly analyze your business and provide you with everything you need to succeed.

Move your website to Naquadah Studios and save 50%

All websites must be hosted to be accessible by your visitors.  Hosting means that a website needs to be able to be served to people’s web browsers through a web server in order to be accessible.

Naquadah Studios believes that this should be provided at an affordable price – especially for personal user, entrepreneurs and small businesses which is why we have created a promotion to host websites at 50% of what you are currently paying to have your website hosted.

Let’s say for example, you are hosted with another hosting company and are paying $499.99 per year for your website to be hosted and made available on the Internet.  If you move your website to our hosting services, you will only pay $249.99 per year for the entire duration of your hosting with us.  If you are paying $25 per month it will now cost you $12.50 per month to have your website hosted with Naquadah Studios.  It is that simple.

Of course, if you need your website design tweaked or updated, we can also assist you.

Contact us for further details or if you have any questions.


Website Design

Website Design

Everyone knows that a website is a must for all businesses regardless of what type of business they are.  But a proper website design using SEO technology will bring in new customers and provide a way of advertising your services and/or products on a global scale so anyone on the planet can find you.

Websites also provide a quick and easy publicly accessible forum to inform and keep your customers up to date with your latest sales & promotions, location, contact information, ordering and anything else you would like them to be kept informed about.

A website can also be valuable for personal use for things such as blogging, vacation photos, resumes, etc.  There is no limitation on what a website can be used for.

At Naquadah Studios, you are not just having your website designed, developed and posted on-line like most of our competitors.  You are actually partnering with a company which understands the importance of your on-line presence.

We work with you long after your website is available on-line.  We will continue to help you achieve your on-line goals with your website, on-line marketing, etc.  We are here to make suggestions that we know have worked for other customers in the past and to bounce ideas you may have off us.

For more information, please visit our Services page.

Website Design Features:

  • Website design using your logo and colours
  • Free domain name
  • Unlimited amount of pages within your site
  • 1 free email address (additional email addresses can be added)
  • Fully hosted web site
  • Content changes are made by you on your schedule.  No more waiting for web developers to make your changes
  • Versioned content changes so you can revert back to see changes made
  • Statistic & visitor tracking (with free Google Analytics account)
  • Income generation (with Google AdSense account)
  • 24×7 support through Naquadah Studios support portal
  • 250 Mb of data storage
  • Partnership with our 18+ years of on-line experience